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Moderators & Ext. Examiners


1. Appointment

External Examiners and Moderators shall be appointed by the Academic Board upon recommendation by the Faculty Board. Moderators shall not normally hold office for more than three consecutive years and there shall not normally be more than one moderator for each degree course.


11. Duties of a Moderator

(a)    A moderator shall be requested to advise on course structure and syllabuses relating to their field.

(b)   He/She shall be requested to review all draft examination papers which have been commented upon by the External Examiner and thereafter submit their recommendations to the Faculty.

(c)    The Moderator in the academic programme shall visit the Faculty once in every three years upon request by Faculty Board to assess the overall standard of the programme. These visits shall be approved by the Academic Board.

Duties of External Examiner

(a)    The External Examiner shall, among other things review examination questions, model answer and marking schemes, and in some cases mark scripts.

(b)   THE External Examiner shall be requested to comment on the conduct of examinations, academic standards and any other matters relevant to examinations. Such comments shall be sent to the Vice-chancellor with a copy to the Faculty Board for consideration.


The Faculty of Law enforces strict rules on the mode of dressing for all students during classes and other formal Faculty occasions. Accordingly, all students (both regular and non-regular) will be admitted to classes and other formal occasions dressed in the manner set out below.

Male Students

i)                    White shirt, black trousers and tie

ii)                  Black suit (optional for lectures but compulsory for LSU activities, dinners or formal occasions)

iii)                Black pair of shoes and dark pair of socks. Slippers or sandals are not allowed.

Female Students

i)                    White shirt or blouse with black pair of trousers or black shirt and black pair of shoes

ii)                  Black suit with black pair of shoes. No slippers (optional for lectures and formal occasions)

iii)                Simple gown or dress for LSU dinners