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KNUST, the second public University to be established in Ghana, was designed to provide education, for scientists and technologists. At the initial stages the courses that were provided at degree level were those that would best serve the needs of those target groups. Since the graduates of the University have to function in society, the Faculty of Social Sciences was established to offer courses in liberal arts and social sciences. In the early part of 1970 a tiny department of law was established in the Faculty of Social Sciences to teach land law as a ‘core’ subject in the BSc Land Economy and Management programme. Not long afterwards a combined honours degree of Economics/Law, Sociology/ Law, Geography/Law etc was developed. The Department of Law also taught law courses in other Faculties of the University. In 2002, the University decided that the Social Sciences Faculty must undergo modern transformation, allowing a Faculty of Law to emerge. In April 2003, the Council of KNUST approved a 4 year LLB programme and the first cohort of LLB students were admitted into the Faculty of Law in August 2003.

At KNUST we aim at providing training in law and promoting the development of a distinctly Ghanaian body of law through teaching and research. The courses that we offer have been designed to equip students with a broad and comprehensive background which will enable them on graduating, to engage in a wide range of professions and services to society. The graduates of the Law Faculty will undoubtedly fulfil the manpower needs of the country as graduates of law are required not only to practise law, but to work in important sectors of the economy.