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Admission Requirements

The normal entry requirements of a degree at KNUST apply to the LLB programme.  Three main streams of admission are instituted in the Faculty as follows:

Category One: 4—Year (full-time) LLB programme
Category 1 candidates are admitted as holders of: (i) WASSSCE with credits in the three core subjects (English, Mathematics and Integrated Science) and three WASSSCE elective subjects in General Arts or Science or Business with Business Management, Economics, Accounting, Costing and Business Mathematics with aggregate 20 or better.(ii) GCE Advanced Level with credit in at least five ‘O’ level subjects, including English Language and Mathematics, together with three ‘A’ Levels  or equivalent in Arts or Science subjects, and

(iii)  Mature candidates who must be 25 years of age and above with credits in at least five ‘O’ Levels, including English Language and Mathematics.

Category Two: 3—Year (full-time) LLB programme
Category 2 candidates are admitted as holders of a first degree in a discipline other than law. Candidates in this category will be required to do a three-year full-time LLB programme.

Category Three: 4—Year (part-time) LLB programme
Category 3 candidates are also admitted as first degree holders in a non-law subject. Candidates in this category will be required to do a four-year part-time LLB programme.

Candidates in category 2 and category 3 who are short-listed shall take a competitive examination and pass an interview.


Entry Requirements for LLM degree

General Qualifications

  1. An applicant may be admitted to the candidature for the Master of Laws (LLM) degree, if he/she has fulfilled all the requirements for the award of the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, preferably with a minimum of Second Class (Upper Division) honours, or its equivalent from a recognised university.                                           
  2. An applicant who does not satisfy the requirement stated above but holds a second class lower degree in LL.B from a recognised university with at least two years professional experience, and adjudged suitable by the Faculty Board may be admitted to the programme upon a successful interview and or entrance examination.

Programme Requirements

  1. Candidates must attend and pass an interview conducted by the Faculty                                                                                               
  2. Candidates must demonstrate their ability to pay all approved programme fees for the duration of study.


The programme is fee-paying in accordance with Faculty considerations and in line with the University policy.