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Library Resources

Primary Sources

·           Legislation

·           Case law

·           Indexes and Digests

·           Government Publication


Secondary Sources

·           Textbooks

·           Journals

·           Dictionaries

·           Encyclopaedia


List of Cases

1.         The Supreme Court of Ghana Law Reports from 1997/98 to 2012

2.         Ghana Law Reports 1959-1994

3.         Appeal Cases from 1875/76-2004

4.         The Kings Bench from 1901-1951

5.         The Queen's Bench from 1871/72-1989

6.         Chancery Law Reports and Probate vol. 1878-1988

7.         All England Law Reports 1558/1935-2013

8.         Lloyds Law Reports

9.         Current Cases of Ghana 2005

10.       Hein Online – digital access to legislation, caselaw and journals


Law Journals

1.         KNUST Law Journal

2.         Australian Journal of Law and Society

3.         African Journal of International and Comparative Law

4.         The Company Lawyer

5.         European Law Review

6.         European Business Organization Law Review

7.         European Journal of Law Reform

8.         Human Rights Quarterly: A Comparative and International Journal of the Social Sciences, Humanities and Law

9.         European Business Law Review

10.       European Review of Private Law

11.       Canadian Journal of Law and Society

12.       Civil Justice Quarterly

13.       Commonwealth Law Bulletin

14.       Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice

15.       Canadian Family Law Quarterly

16.       European Intellectual Property Review

17.       International and Comparative Law Quarterly

18.       International Journal of the Sociology of Law

19.       Hofstra Law Review

20.       Dalhousie Law Journal

21.       Columbia Law Review

22.       Europe Solutions for Separation Scientists

23.       Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights

24.       The Law Reports 2001, 2002 and 2004: Queen’s Bench Division

25.       The All England Law Reports

26.       The Yale Law Journal

27.       UNB Law Journal

28.       Lloyds Law Reports: Insurance and Reinsurance

29.       Planning Appeal Decisions

30.       Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues

31.       Law students’ Journal: Faculty of law University of Ghana

32.       Queens’ Law Journal

33.       Osgoode Hall Law Journal

34.       Tulsa Journal of Comparative and International Law

35.       The Supreme Court Law Review

36.       Review of Constitutional Studies

37.       Journal of Legal Action Group

38.       Journal of the British and Irish Association of Law Liberation

39.       Journal of International Economic Law

40.       Ottawa Law Review

41.       University of Ghana: Student Law Journal

42.       ACP-EEC Convention of Lome

43.       Industrial Cases Reports

44.       Review of Ghana Law

45.       The Weekly Law Reports

46.       Guernsey Law Journal

47.       Bucks New University: Human Science and Law

48.       Undergraduate Course Portfolio

49.       The Structure of the Ghanaian State

50.       Copyright Magazine: A publication of the Copyright Office of Ghana

51.       Amicus Curiae: Journal of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies


Online Legal Databases

HeinOnline is a premier Law online database containing more than 155 million pages and 200,000 titles of legal history and government documents in a fully searchable, image-based format.


Other Online Database

1.         Acoustical Society of America

2.         American Institute of Physics

3.         American Physical Society

4.         Annual Reviews

5.         Beech Tree Publishing

6.         British Psychological Society (Bps)

7.         Ebsco Host

8.         Emeraldinsight

9.         Geological Society

10.       Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

11.       Jstor

12.       Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers

13.       Nature Publishing Group

14.       Nature and Palgrave Macmillan Journals (Npg)

15.       Optical Society of America (Osa)

16.       Oxford University Press - Oxford Journals

17.       Policy Press

18.       Project Muse

19.       Royal College of Physicians

20.       Royal Society - Royal Society Journals Online

21.       Royal Society for Chemistry - Rsc Journals Archive

22.       Sage Online Journals

23.       Symposium Journals

24.       University of California Press – Caliber

25.       University of Chicago Press

26.       Online Access to Research on Environment (Oare)

27.       Access Global Online Research in Agriculture (Agora)

28.       Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative (Hinari)

29.       Directory of Open Access Journals (Doaj)

30.       Electronic Dev’t Information System (Eldis

31.       Institute of Physics

32.       National Academic Press

33.       American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

34.       British Medical Central

35.       Scientific Electronic Library Online (Scielo)

36.       ScienceDirect

37.       Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator

38.       Journal Archive

39.       The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (Teeal)

40.       Pachyderm

41.       Science and Technology Information System (Sist)

42.       Sage Online

43.       University of Chicago Press

44.       University of California Press

45.       Royal Society for Chemistry (Archive)

46.       Wiley Online Library/Blackwell

47.       Encyclopaedia Britannica

48.       African Journals Online

49.       Google Scholar

50.       Edinburgh University Press